Portfolio: 2D Funny Animation Video Marketing with EFFE Animation


2D Animated Video Marketing: EFFE Animation Company


Introducing our 2D Funny Animation Advertising, a fun video marketing project that was created for the purpose of communicating with outside marketers. Explore the entertaining world of this project. In this entertaining cartoon, classic painting styles are given a positive twist by the addition of a ghost and a superhero painter for the purpose of having fun. Both newly constructed homes and existing building owners are likely to find it interesting. Within a span of eight to thirteen days, the film is promoted on the internet through several channels, including YouTube, email, a website, and social chat forums. It would not be difficult to incorporate the client’s wish that more people become aware of the effort and download the mobile app into the concept. EFFE Animation ensures that the video is engaging and captivating video marketing throughout the whole production process, beginning with the initial concept and writing and continuing through the final rendering and editing stages. On our partner page, you can find a comprehensive overview of the services we offer as well as other useful links.


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