About EFFE Animation

EFFE Animation Studio is a creative and technical design company delivering animation as core services across the globe. We offer 3D Animation services on both internal and external communication covering major sectors, includes automotive, construction, manufacturing and engineering companies. Our services for effective internal communication include Employee Induction, Environmental Health Safety videos, and learning & development training videos. Services for external communication include 3D technical illustration, Concept prototype creation, Marketing & Branding concept videos, product explainer videos, and corporate communicational videos. Our team of experts serves complete communication and content creation of an organization comprises 3D Animation, 3D Rendered Images and 3D Visualization along with 360 degrees AR and VR to all our global customers.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of creative solutions for feature animation to visual effects to make your stories more immersive and spectacular.

Animated Ads

Animated ads offer a dynamic, captivating approach, commanding attention and sparking curiosity across platforms. From social media to websites to digital displays, animations draw viewers into the brand’s world. With careful attention to detail and creative ingenuity, these animations not only showcase products or services but also tell compelling stories that resonate deeply. By leveraging animation’s power, brands stand out in the competitive digital landscape, remaining top-of-mind amidst the noise. Elevate advertising with animations that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression, driving meaningful results.

Architectural Animation

Experience the power of architectural animation in bringing your designs to life. Our expert team specializes in creating stunning visualizations that breathe life into your architectural projects. From residential developments to commercial complexes, our animations provide a compelling glimpse into the future, allowing clients and investors to visualize the final product in exquisite detail. With our state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled attention to detail, we help you communicate your vision effectively, streamline the approval process, and ultimately, bring your projects to fruition with confidence and precision.

Safety Animation

Animated safety videos improve the training standards to build a safer workplace. Safety videos and EHS training content can be visualized and re-created to reduce the redundancy of these accidents. We develop 3D Safety Animated Videos for the employees at High Hazard Industries to gain a great learning experience. Our company safety videos include Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Road Safety, Construction Safety and Work at Height Safety, Chemical Safety, PPE videos, Machine environment safety, Material Handling Safety, Air and Health Safety, Near Miss and Incident Re-creation.

Corporate Animation

Elevate your corporate communication strategy with Corporate Animation. Our dedicated service is designed to amplify your messaging through compelling visual storytelling. From captivating product demos to interactive training modules, our animations are tailored to convey complex concepts with ease. With our expertise, we help you forge stronger connections with your audience, driving engagement and fostering a deeper appreciation for your brand. Through sleek motion graphics and engaging storytelling, we ensure your message resonates deeply, fostering understanding and engagement among your audience.

Explainer Animation

Unleash the power of Explainer Animation to make your message stand out. Our dedicated service is designed to break down complex information into clear and engaging visuals. From product features to step-by-step guides, our animations simplify the most intricate concepts, ensuring that your audience remains engaged and informed. With our expertise in storytelling and animation, we help you communicate your ideas effectively, leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Whether you’re launching a new product, explaining a process, or educating your audience, our animations engage viewers from start to finish. 

Promotional Animation

Promotional animation is a great tool to showcase ideas in an online sharable format. We create interesting animated promotional videos for your business to achieve the desired business goals. Our business animated video helps our client to promote their business through video platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), Search Engines (e.g. Google, yahoo) and Social Medias (e.g. Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn). Our promotional videos engage your business brand to higher standards that increase your conversion rates.

E-learning Animation

Get yourself with our interactive learning with E-learning Animation. Our specialized service revolutionizes the way educational content is presented, making it engaging, immersive, and effective. From dynamic visuals to interactive elements, our animations bring lessons to life, captivating learners of all ages. Whether you’re teaching complex theories or practical skills, our animations simplify concepts and enhance retention, ensuring a rewarding learning experience for every student. We understand the importance of keeping learners interested and involved throughout the learning process.

Medical Animation

Our Medical Animation revolutionizes how you communicate medical information. Our dedicated service combines scientific accuracy with creative storytelling to deliver visually stunning and informative animations. Whether you’re looking to educate patients, train healthcare professionals, or showcase medical innovations, our animations provide a compelling and engaging medium. With our expertise, we help you simplify complex medical concepts and empower your audience to make informed decisions about their health.

Explainer Animation

2D animation, business explainers and E-Learning videos are significant lookouts in the market today; we deliver successful video-based Learning Content. Our digital learning solutions include K-12 learning solutions creation, Game-based learning, Audiobook, E-book videos and Corporate E-Learning content development. Today, we strive to be the best E-Learning Company by our impressive E-Learning development services provider in Chennai, India.

Product Animation

Boost your product marketing strategy with Product Animation. Our dedicated service transforms static products into dynamic visual experiences that captivate and engage audiences. Whether you’re targeting consumers or businesses, our animations showcase your products in the best light, highlighting their key features and benefits. From explainer videos to product demos, we tailor each animation to suit your marketing objectives and drive results. With our creative flair and attention to detail, we help you make a memorable impact and drive conversions.

Process Animation

Experience the future of process visualization with Process Animation. Our specialized service transforms complex procedures into dynamic and easy-to-understand visual narratives. From manufacturing workflows to operational processes, our animations bring clarity and efficiency to every step. Whether you’re training employees, explaining protocols, or optimizing workflows, our animations engage and inform your audience, facilitating a better understanding of procedures. With our expertise, we help you streamline processes and drive productivity with animations that simplify the most intricate workflows.

CGI 3D Animation

Video editing services are important post production task performed at VFX Studio, 3D Computer graphics today have reached to its peak where you get visually stunned. VFX companies produce animation in computer graphics, video editing and best visual effects. Does it really matters to be Best VFX company in India or Top VFX companies in India? We strongly work from customer or audience perspective to enthrall visual experience. We are VFX Company based in Chennai, we offer services in CGI Architecture, 3D computer graphics video and latest Visual Effects.

Promotional Animation

Promotional Animation is the key to making your brand shine in the crowded digital landscape. Our specialized animation service crafts visually stunning animations that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a special offer, or building brand awareness, our animations captivate and engage your audience like never before. From sleek motion graphics to captivating storytelling, we tailor each animation to suit your promotional goals, ensuring maximum impact and ROI. With our creative expertise and attention to detail, we help you create promotional content that inspires, excites, and ultimately converts.

Safety Animation

Ensure your workplace safety with Safety Animation by our comprehensive solution for training and educating employees on safety procedures. Our dedicated service offers visually engaging animations that effectively communicate safety protocols and guidelines. Whether it’s for new employee orientation, refresher training, or safety awareness campaigns, our animations captivate and inform audiences of all levels. With our expertise in animation and safety training, we help you mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and promote a culture of safety within your organization.


3D Modeling revolutionizes your creative projects to life. Our dedicated service offers a comprehensive range of 3D modeling solutions tailored to your specific needs. From architectural renderings to product prototypes to character designs, our expert team brings your visions to life with precision and flair. Whether you’re looking to visualize concepts, present ideas, or create compelling visuals for marketing or entertainment purposes, our 3D models provide the perfect canvas for your imagination to soar. 


Experience the creative 3D Design and elevate your creative projects to new heights. Our dedicated service provides comprehensive 3D design solutions to meet your diverse needs and objectives. From conceptualization to visualization to implementation, our expert team collaborates with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life with stunning detail and unparalleled craftsmanship. Whether you’re looking to create architectural renderings, product prototypes, or immersive environments, our 3D designs offer the perfect blend of artistry and technical expertise. 


Our Process

Our unique approach in the creation of 3D animation videos enriches the video development process.

Scripting & Storyboard

Scripting conveys the overall storyline, whereas the storyboard has illustrations and images of the video in sequential order.

Recording Voiceover

Professionally recorded voiceover creates an impact by triggering emotions for an efficient storytelling experience.

Modelling & Rigging

Modelling is the graphical illustration of the characters and other elements in the video. Rigging is to control the motions of modelled elements.


Animation is the vital process in the video where the created 3D objects are positioned and animated within a scene with increased interaction.

Lighting & Texturing

Lighting determines the overall tone (bright or dark), mood and atmosphere. Texturing creates small details for a realistic appearance.


Rendering creates the overall video with the model’s final appearance, including reflections, textures, shading, and other effects.

Editing & VFX

Editing and VFX improve and enhance the video with proper editing, suitable sounds and other special effects.

Final HD Video

We deliver the output HD video in .mp4 format. We provide video in standard definition to high-quality video modes such as 2K, 4K and even 5K.

Our Portfolio

Our work combines the art and science of animation and storytelling with groundbreaking technology.

Experience Our Works


Featuring Future Technologies With AR, VR, and XR Apps. WebAR in e-commerce provides an improvement and rapid growth in the e-commerce business modules.

Interactive 360 e-commerce product visualization

WebAR in e-commerce provides an improvement and rapid growth in the e-commerce business modules.

Virtual Try-On for retail business

Customers can try on clothes, glasses, shoes, or cosmetics without leaving home.Virtual try-on is now available on online store’s websites, apps and social media.


Featuring Future Technologies With AR, VR, and XR Apps

Technological advancements such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual tours, and 3D product simulations can provide interactive digital connections to improve user experience.

Create & Enjoy impressive 3D visuals with EFFEX STUDIO!

3D computer graphics and Dynamics are used to create a remarkable product animation. Our unique way to present your ideas with a great aesthetic sense influences visual experience.

Unlimited Creativity for Your Limitless Brand Reach!

We promote brands, their marketing activity for an organization with a unique emotional connect. Our experienced staff can ensure that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and can help with everything you need through different production phases.

Grab Customer Attention with Explainer Videos!

Our services includes explainer video, animated videos, motion graphics videos, 2D Animation videos, funny animated videos and strong video SEO building.

3D Real Estate Interactive Walkthroughs & VR Apps

Create 3D walkthroughs that helps your customers to interact and customize the design needs.

3D Industrial Walkthroughs & VR Experience

Create 3D Industrial walkthroughs that helps Employees to interact, do assesment and get trained.

Our Projects


EFFE, a marketing and communication firm, offers digital optimization solutions. We don’t let our clients worry. Through FILMY ADS, you may meet your consumers IN-LIVE. Where the camera cannot reach, animation can; Creating stunning 3D graphics using EFFE animation and EFFEX Studio visual effects. With AR, VR, and Advanced Applications, EFFE Technology focuses on cutting-edge technology to empower your business’s branding.

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