CGI Animation Portfolio

CGI Animation Portfolio

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3D Animation works differently compared to traditional animation. Both require the understanding of working on the same principles of motions and composition, but for each task the technical skill set is different. This is more similar to playing with puppets rather than drawing art. 3D animation is also referred to as CGI or CG, which is the generation of images using computers. It is a series of images, which are the frames of an animated shot. The 3D animation techniques have a lot of similarities such as stop motion animation, as they both deal with animating and posing models and still conform to the frame-by-frame approach of 2D animation, but it is a lot more controllable since it’s in a digital workspace. Instead of drawing and constructing with clay, the characters in 3D animation are digitally designed, modeled and programmed and then fitted in with a ‘skeleton’ which allows animators to move the models. Animation is done by posing the models on certain key frames, after which the computer will calculate and perform an interpolation between those frames to create movement.

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