Portfolio: 2D Motion Graphics Animation for Automotive Industry by EFFE Animation

Looking Back at Brakes the country’s History in 2D Motion Graphics Animation | Internal Marketing

For the purpose of a 2D Motion Graphics Animation video that is intended for internal marketing communication within the automobile parts manufacturing business, the objective is to highlight Brakes India’s journey and collaboration with Tata Motors in the provision of S-cam brakes for heavy automation. The management team is the intended audience for the film, and it will be distributed online through several social chat platforms, as well as through email and the website. The objective of the client is to highlight the trustworthy relationship that exists with Tata Motors as well as the manufacturing process of S-cam brakes, with a focus on the issue of cultivating a positive reputation. The stages of production consist of the following: concept and screenplay, storyboarding, character and design development, audio recording, color styling, animation, video overview, and final editing with visual and audio effects. It is expected that the outcome will be to improve the reputation of the organization.


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