Portfolio: Engaging 2D Explainer Video of Solar Panel by EFFE Animation Company

Solar Bright, an Australian-owned energy firm, requested the help of our partner Site 2D explainer video agency to develop an engaging 2D animation for their solar panel advertising. The amazing plot revolves around a couple who are battling with high power bills until Solar Bright steps in to help them save money by installing solar panels. The 35-day project included concept creation, script approval, and careful production processes such as storyboarding, character development, audio recording (with a professional Australian voiceover), colour styling, and animation. The finished movie, set in a genuine Australian environment, effectively communicated the advantages of Solar Bright’s products to residential and commercial solar clients. The customer was delighted with the output, which resulted in the video’s successful online promotion across platforms such as YouTube, email, website, and social media. Explore further about the range of services we offer.

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